Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the foodie blogosphere, and my husband’s wedding anniversary present to me!  In all fairness, our anniversary was back in August, but I’ve been so paralysed by “first post anxiety” that it’s taken me until now to actually grab the blog by the horns and say my first something.  That, and the increasingly sadder panda face that my husband turns on me when he checks here and finds it still unblogged…

So why another foodie blog?  To be honest, I never set out to be a blogger, and I’m not sure that I will actually ever BE a proper blogger.  What I am is a girl who loves to cook, and a foodie magazine addict.  More than that, I’m a recipe-tearing-out foodie magazine addict!  Only, torn-edged recipes are easily lost, not to mention easily splattered upon whilst following them.  So the original fifigoesnom was less a blog and more a place to hold those recipes that the husband and I had tried and liked, or to share with friends the family recipes that I’d cooked for them and they wanted to try themselves.  And then my very lovely husband decided to surprise me on our wedding anniversary with my own domain name for fifigoesnom so that I could actually try this blogging thing properly.

So here I am!  And here you are!  Hello!  And welcome!  Again!

The plan, as much as there is one, is to try out those magazine and cookbook recipes and see if they really taste as good as they look (because sometimes they really really don’t…) and to share the best ones with anyone who happens by.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for a little bit of kitchen inspiration, and hopefully that’s what you’ll find here.

Tried and tested by fifigoesnom!  That pretty much sums up this little blog’s raison d’etre  🙂

ps – “fifi goes nom!” is my happy shout out at home when my husband has made something particularly tasty, which is most of the time to be honest as he’s an insanely good cook and now that I think about it should probably be the one blogging about food, not me… the tricksy hobbit!!