Thank you, Macsween!

Thank you, Macsween!

So… It’s safe to say that I’m very much a newbie blogger, and as such have been a little shy about self promoting in the belief that there’s no point telling anyone this blog is here until there’s a respectable amount of stuff to look at (one recipe does not an interesting blog make!)   After posting up my Haggis Spring Rolls recipe last weekend, I thought I’d tweet Macsween about it and hoped that, at best, they might like it enough to retweet me and I’d get a few more people popping by here.

Not only did the very very lovely people there retweet me, but they emailed me to say how much they liked the look of my spring rolls, and could they send me some of their delicious noms!  To say I was giddy with glee at getting such a response (and offer!) is an understatement, the more so because I picked up the email after having a wisdom tooth taken out and it put a much needed grin on my poor sore face 🙂

And then the delicious noms arrived…

Look at the size of that box!  And a lovely canvas bag too (Tim Minchin would be so proud!)

HOW much noms??

And a little bit of everything too!  Variety is the spice of life!

Thank you again, Macsween!  Like I didn’t already <3 you enough!