I couldn’t let the Jubilee go by without making a comment, especially given how much of an emphasis there was on celebrating with food – or maybe that’s just a reflection of the media channels I focus on 😉  And I’m quite unashamed to admit that this weekend has left me feeling surprisingly patriotic, and waving my wee plastic flag that was hidden in a bouquet I bought last week to brighten up the mantlepiece…

But well as celebrating, and thanking, Her Maj for all the hard work she’s done, the extra day off was a lovely excuse to get together with family.  Hubby and I put together a cheeky finger buffet (mostly during the 3 hour Jubilee concert which made for a great soundtrack to cook to!) and carried it all up to my parents’ place today, where we were joined by my brother, his wife, and their beautiful 3 week old son.

Hubby’s EPIC sausage rolls and my Champagne chicken and tarragon vol au vents deserve a blog post of their own, but for now, I managed to snap a quick pic of the whole spread before my family of locusts descended on everything (I really should have taken an “after” picture… LOL!)


~*~ fifi & Hubby’s Jubilee Menu ~*~

Coronation chicken finger sarnies (natch!)

Egg and cress finger sarnies

Sausage, caramelised onion cranberry chutney sausage rolls

Mini haggis spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

Champagne chicken and tarrogan vol au vents

Pork and pickle pies

Potato salad



If you celebrated as well, I hope you had a marvellous time!  Me, I’ll be eating plain boiled rice for the rest of the week to try and offset the damage done by today’s feast!