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Jubilee Noms!

The Jubilee weekend was the perfect excuse to get together with family and celebrate with food, all with a bit of manic flag waving on the side!

Easy-peasy Guacamole

Hubby’s rustic homemade guacamole, all zingy with the lime. Definitely one of my favourite things!

Mediterranean-Style Deli Wraps

Easy vegetarian wraps that you can toss together in minutes using all store-bought ingredients. Simple, quick and delicious!

Apricot Chicken

Tender chicken in a lush, savoury onion-cream sauce with sweet bites of apricot keeping things interesting.

Beef Stroganoff

My absolute signature dish, savoury and satisfying on so many levels.

Lamb Kofta Curry

A glorious and unabashedly aromatic curry that’ll win over even those people who don’t (usually) eat lamb. There won’t be leftovers!